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iATROS Healthcare Solutions are experts in Florida medical billing and revenue cycle management. In today's healthcare environment, providers face unparalleled challenges in running their practice, managing their medical billing in Florida, and in every other locale on the U.S. map. iATROS Healthcare Solutions takes the pressure off by handling your revenue management cycle for you, boosting your workflow efficiency, streamlining your Florida medical billing and coding processes and allowing you to reallocate your resources to your core strategic functions, all while minimizing your compliance risks with all the latest government regulations and increasing your revenue. We help you make more money and make money faster by focusing our efforts on allowing you to focus on your patients' experience - the number one factor in your practice's long-term success.

These days, regulatory compliance, increasing overhead costs, Medicare cuts, healthcare reform all have physicians working harder and longer for less compensation. An executive with the Medical Group Management Association aptly described the current state of being a healthcare provider as "running faster to stay in place." If your practice's success depends on Florida medical billing, you know the scenario all too well.

At iATROS Healthcare Solutions, we know that at the heart of any true physician is the desire to focus solely on patients' health and wellbeing. That's what we want too - after all, we're patients ourselves. But increasing practice costs, heightened pressure from legislators and regulatory agencies combined with compensation cuts means time and energy once spent on patients increasingly gets spent on administrative issues and paperwork instead. More than just a Florida medical billing company, iATROS Healthcare Solutions provides insight into your practice. We provide the tools and resources to help you maximize your revenue in today's complex healthcare environment. We focus on making your practice more productive by simplifying tasks, streamlining processes and most importantly, standing ready to grow with your business.

Most providers leave over 20% of their revenue uncollected. If you're a healthcare provider with medical billing in Florida or elsewhere, ask yourself: "Can it be better? How much better? And at what cost? Can I afford not to know?"

What you get when you trust your Florida medical billing and revenue cycle management to iATROS Healthcare Solutions:
Increased Revenue
Reduced Compliance Risks
Reduction of Labor Costs
Reduction of Operating Costs
Improved Financial Control
Improved Operational Insight
Reallocation of resources to core strategic functions
At iATROS Healthcare Solutions, we've got the answers to your Florida medical billing, coding, practice management and revenue cycle management issues. Call us at (904) 296-1160 for a thorough consultation on how we can help you forget about handling paperwork and focus on treating patients.

iATROS Healthcare Solutions works with practices throughout the state and have the adaptability to work with your technical infrastructure.  Regardless of where your practice is located, we have a presence in all four major metro areas:


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