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Medical Billing and Practice Management Solutions

In today’s complex healthcare environment, the increasing pace of change, the difficulty to optimize reimbursement, the need to manage and control overhead costs, and constant exposure for liability - are experienced by healthcare practices and physicians across the United States.
No one knows your healthcare practice as well as you do.  But there are factors critical to your success that may lie outside your core expertise – issues relating to medical billing like timely filing and appeal deadlines, ensuring compliance with changing regulations, using the correct modifiers for each CPT code billed, optimizing the value of each and every insurance claim, as well as capturing the patient's responsibility of each visit.
What if you could partner with a team of medical billing experts in these supporting functions – a team of medical billing professionals with decades of experience ensuring medical practices like yours are getting the most out of each medical claim?  A team of medical billing and patient payment experts who will work as an extension of your practice?
With a partner like that to rely on, you would be able to focus on what’s most important to your business – making better decisions with better data, growing your patient base, and most importantly,  optimizing the patient experience.
It takes the right technology, the right people, and the right strategy to generate the right results.

The first step to achieving these goals is to establish where you currently are. 

  • Do you know how much revenue your efforts should be generating?
  • Is your practice revenue increasing, but your revenue per claim decreasing?
  • Are you working harder to make the same amount of money?
  • When was time you evaluated your contracts?
To understand what better looks like, request a free practice analysis on behalf of iATROS Healthcare Solutions to get started.